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Big Data Certifications

Modern business is constantly searching for data analysts and data scientists with the necessary expertise in in analyzing Big Data. Data literacy is fast becoming a required skill with demand for data scientists skyrocketing over the past decade and experts predict a growing skills gap throughout the next decade. Therefore, Big Data certifications have become not only a career booster but in many instances, an educational requirement.

Snowflake and Big Data Certifications

In the era of the Big Data cloud and Big Data architecture, Snowflake is offering a range of valuable but not time-consuming programs aimed to help Big Data professionals advance or brush-up on their cloud data warehousing skills and general knowledge.

Virtual Hands-On Lab

This rapid but highly informative hands-on workshop will show you how to speed up time to insight, instantly scale up, down, or out , and analyze data from all your disparate sources inside a cloud data warehousing platform. Find a workshop near you.

Snowflake Weekly Live Demo

These weekly 30-minute demos present product experts explaining key Snowflake features and functionality, explaining Snowflake's unique architecture and answering any and all participant questions.