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Tools for Data Migration

High scalability, low to zero management, improved security, and OpEx budget flexibility continue to fuel data and application migration to the cloud. The benefits of the cloud are obvious -- once you get there. Moving to the cloud requires planning, strategy, and the right tools for data migration.

Whether you have a basic cloud data migration plan or a data warehouse migration plan, there a few steps you should take before you start implementing the move. First, make sure you understand the full scope of the task at hand. Discovering overlooked migration components later can lead to significant project delays and the risk of falling into a sunk cost fallacy trap. Second, make sure the data migration itself has a solid methodology to follow, from assessment to execution. Third, be sure to include data security plans in the migration scope.

Choosing the Right Tools for Data Migration

Snowflake makes data migration fast, easy and cost-effective via its solutions partners, native conversion tools, and dedication to performance optimizations.

For legacy data warehouse migrations, Snowflake partners with multiple technology solutions in order to facilitate the smoothest and most efficient transition possible.  Depending on your particular data warehouse ecosystem, Snowflake Professional Services can help recommend the best technologies for your migration.   Snowflake has worked to develop internal solution offerings such as SnowConvert Powered by Mobilize as well as strategic technology agreements to leverage partner migration technologies with companies like Next Pathway and BladeBridge.  See Snowflake’s capabilities for yourself. To give it a test drive, sign up for a free trial