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Data Science Platforms

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are driving innovations in data science and data management. The IDC predicts that global spending on AI systems will approach $98 billion in 2023, considerable growth from the $37.5 billion being spent in 2019.

To meet the growing needs of data scientists, engineers and programmers, data science platforms must keep pace with evolution of technology.

A growing reliance on machine learning has created a need for data science platforms that fulfill needs in building, training, scaling and deploying ML models. The proper platforms and technologies enable breakthroughs in data science.

Features of Data Science Platforms

Data science platforms are packaged software applications that provide the tools for the entire life cycle of a data science project.

Data science platforms are indispensables tools for data scientists. It enables data exploration, model development and model distribution. They also facilitate data preparation and data visualization while providing a large-scale computing infrastructure.

Data science platforms help users collaborate by providing a centralized platform. They serve as a one-stop shop for data modeling because data science platforms contain the APIs to allow for model production and testing with minimal outside engineering needs.

A singular platform minimizes mundane tasks and redundancies within a team. Data science platforms offer machine learning data preparation, freeing up time for data scientists to focus on what they do best.

Top data science platforms serve as a centralized hub for innovation. They allow users to employ native resources at any time, integrate models written in multiple languages (like Python or R), scale to need, and generate visualizations -- all in a secure environment.

Data science platforms enable machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives.

Data Science vs. Machine Learning

It's widely accepted that machine learning is a subset of data science. ML relies on algorithms created using tools and techniques of data science to educate the machine through data.

Snowflake as a Data Science Solution

Snowflake's platform is tailored to integrate and support the applications that data scientists use regularly. The unique cloud-based architecture enables innovation in machine learning for data science and data analysis.


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