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Data Cleansing with Data Ingestion

Data cleansing is, naturally, a necessity for high-quality data. Without clean data, business intelligence and analytics efforts are hampered and overall operational efficiency is hamstrung. Data cleansing process - also known as data cleaning or data scrubbing - fixes, or if necessary, removes common data errors, including missing values and typos. According to a recent study by the Harvard Business Review, only 3% of businesses surveyed achieved the benchmark of 97% data record accuracy or greater.

Data Cleansing: How and When

During the data ingestion and analysis cycle, data cleansing has traditionally come earlier in the process, usually before the ETL (extract, transform, load) process, when data is at rest. 

At that point, data cleansing tools scour and audit data using predefined constraints to correct errors that can potentially corrupt or render data sets useless for valuable analysis."Dirty" data that violates the constraints is placed into a separate workflow exception data handling. 

Data Cleansing and the Cloud Data Platform

Data warehousing and data analytics require clean data. With Snowflake's cloud data platform, users can take advantage of tools such as Spark to build clean, highly scaleable data ingestion pipelines. 

It offers a wide variety of easily-available connectors to diverse data sources and facilitates data extraction, often the first step in a complex ETL pipeline. Spark also helps with computationally-involved data transformation tasks, such as sessionization, data cleansing, data consolidation, and data unification. With the Snowflake Connector, the data in these complex ETL pipelines can be effortlessly stored in Snowflake for organization-wide self-service using SQL.

Test Drive the Data Cloud

Spin up a Snowflake free trial to see first-hand how the Data Cloud can help you better ingest clean data and solve data streaming issues and:

  • Process JSON semi-structured data along with relational data sets
  • Instantly scale compute resources up, down, and out to address concurrency
  • Set up and run ETL and connect to your favorite BI tools
  • Choose to continue with Snowflake right away with pay-as-you-use billing - no commitment!