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Artificial Intelligence with Python

The general-purpose programming language Python continues to grow in popularity. The object-oriented programming (OOP) language allows developers to write code for a wide array of projects  with great clarity and flexibility. This is one reason why Python is becoming more commonplace in the growing fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and data science.

The algorithmic density of AI is natural fit for Python, where coders can execute logic with up to 75% less code than other OOP languages. Python AI script is also easier to check due to its interpreted  language construct.

Artificial Intelligence with Python and Snowflake

Snowflake's platform is the perfect fit for artificial intelligence with Python. The Snowflake Connector for Python provides a Python development interface that connects to Snowflake and performs all standard operations. The Connector offers a programming alternative to application development in Java or C/C++ and is a native, pure Python package with no dependencies on JDBC or ODBC.

Test Drive Programmatic Access and Spark/Python with the Snowflake Free Trial

The Snowflake Free Trial affords you to experience the full Data Cloud experience with no commitment. Fire up the trial today to

  • Get a full look at Snowflake under the covers – explore the UI and sample data sets

  • Scale compute resources up or down in real time to handle unique concurrency and workload needs

  • Set up and run ETL and connect to key BI tools

  • Process semi-structured data with full JSON support

  • Choose to continue using Snowflake after the trial with pay-as-you-use billing

With the free trial you can start by mastering query execution using the Web interface. Then you can test out some standard BI tools or spend some time testing programmatic access. All requests to connect to Snowflake are made over a secure connection, and all executed queries are translated to REST calls. If you have code you would like to try with Snowflake, free trial users can easily download Python or Spark connectors.