Not too long ago, the term “generative artificial intelligence” (gen AI) was known only to data scientists and machine learning specialists. Now it’s a topic of cocktail party conversations, comedy monologues and congressional hearings.

Today there is a frenetic new frontier. Companies from every industry are scrambling to develop their own gen AI products and make sure they have a data strategy in place.

But enterprises are still grappling with how to tap into the enormous potential of this technology while avoiding the pitfalls. To understand how gen AI can improve productivity and drive business decisions — while skirting the biggest potholes of possible reputational danger — it helps to understand how the technology works and how we got here.

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  • The history of generative AI and how its “iPhone moment” came to be.
  • What enterprises need to consider before developing their gen AI strategy.
  • How major companies like Deloitte and Snowflake are helping companies navigate this new revolution.

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