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Analytics on Big Data: Why It Matters

Organizations are collecting more diverse and complex data than ever before. For many organizations, the most interesting business insights now come from machines and sensors.The ability to perform analytics on big data, and derive meaningful insights is critical.

Analytics on big data sets receives a lot of hype but in reality, few companies have been able to unlock insights from Big Data. 

Deliver rapid insights with analytics on big data in the AI Data Cloud

Not all data software is created equal. Snowflake is purpose-built to harness the power of big data analytics. Snowflake’s architecture physically separates but logically integrates storage and compute and offers full relational database support for structured and semi-structured data. A data warehouse built for the cloud allows organizations to:

  • Combine all their data, no matter the type—corporate data and data from blogs, mobile devices, IoT devices, and more—into a single solution that enables data-driven insights
  • Avoid disparate data silos, difficult data integration, and complex data pipeline transformation
  • Deliver consistent performance at any scale without manual tuning or optimization, because Snowflake’s cloud architecture delivers outstanding performance at any scale of data, workload, and concurrency

Analytics on big data in action 

Whether you are exploring how to optimize financial data analytics or analytics for healthcare, retail, gaming, or other data-intensive businesses, you can now easily test the application of analytics on big data in action. Spin up a Snowflake free trial to: 

  • Get a full look at Snowflake under the covers by exploring the UI and sample data sets

  • Set up and run ETL operations and connect to your favorite BI tools

  • Experiment with programmatic access and Spark/Python

  • Process your semi-structured data with full JSON support

  • Instantly scale compute resources up and down to handle your unique concurrency needs

  • Choose to continue with Snowflake right away with pay-as-you-use billing

Unlock the potential of your big data with data sharing

Snowflake Collaboration with secure data sharing helps organizations instantly and securely share their big data. Companies can share governed data internally, between departments, subsidiaries, and operating groups, or externally with partners, suppliers, vendors, and even customers. Organizations can also monetize parts of their data through external data sharing to create new revenue streams.