Breaking the Streaming and Batch Silos

No more separation of streaming and batch pipelines. Unified ingestion and transformation in a single system.

Simplify Data Pipelines in One System

Unify stream and batch processing pipelines in just one architecture. Stream and process data at low latency exactly where your historical data is. Processing streaming data is as easy as writing a CTAS (Create Table As Select) SQL query — with Snowflake Dynamic Tables (public preview), customers can use simple, ubiquitous SQL to create low latency, incremental pipelines for an array of streaming use cases.

Optimize Cost Without Wasted Compute

Streaming ingest for rowsets is as much as 50% cheaper than file ingestion at the same volume. Dynamic Tables help you avoid wasted compute by providing performance guidance with incremental or full refresh for more efficient transformations.

Take Advantage of the AI Data Cloud

Since streaming capabilities are deeply integrated with the AI Data Cloud, you can still  enjoy the security and governance capabilities you’ve come to rely on through Snowflake Horizon. 

Stream Data with <10-Second Latency

Snowflake helps you handle both streaming and batch data ingestion and transformation in a single system. 

Stream row-set data in near real time with single-digit latency using Snowpipe Streaming, or auto-ingest files with Snowpipe. Both options are serverless so you can scale more easily and manage costs more effectively.

Adjust Latency with a Single Parameter Change

With Dynamic Tables1, you can use SQL or Python to declaratively define data transformations. Snowflake will manage the dependencies and automatically materialize results based on your freshness targets. Dynamic Tables only operate on data that has changed since the last refresh, making high data volumes and complex pipelines simpler and more cost-efficient.

Easily adapt to evolving business needs by making a batch pipeline into a streaming pipeline — with a single latency parameter change.

In Public Preview

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Faster data refresh operations with 18x more data.


Faster data refresh in Tableau dashboards

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