Canva Unifies the Magic of Data and AI-Driven Design

With Snowflake, Canva now has a unified approach to data, helping reduce costs, fuel AI innovation, support future growth and deliver better design experiences.

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Story Highlights
  • Building better AI products: Prior to Snowflake, Canva had multiple solutions for AI, machine learning and analytics. Now with a unified data platform, Canva can build better AI products — faster — to help more users design with ease.

  • Reducing costs: Snowflake’s usage-based pricing model and separation of storage and compute have changed the game for Canva, slashing costs while providing the ability to scale up and out as needed.

  • Making smarter business decisions: Thanks to easier access to insights in Snowflake, Canva has bolstered decision-making across the organization — from improving feature launches to optimizing marketing spend to helping executives build more informed strategies.

Video Transcript

Canva is a graphic design platform, it allows you to pretty much create anything from presentations to videos, to social media posts. My name is Moe Kiss, I'm Director of Data Science in Marketing at Canva. 

When I started, we had about 500 employees. We're now over 4,000 and our user base has grown even faster than that, so globally, we are now at over 160 million monthly active users, which is just phenomenal. 

Canva's part of the creative industry, so what we are really seeing is that by giving people simple tools we have really been able to empower them to design. My name is Tim O'Keefe, I'm the Head of Data Science here at Canva. The role of data at Canva is to really help everyone in the business make smarter decisions - that can be from individual feature launches where we need to support in measurement and experimentation, all the way up to helping the executives build their strategies.

What we are now seeing is a massive trend, of course is A.I. That has made a massive impact in the industry already, and we are really trying to exploit data to be able to build much better AI products that make it much simpler for everybody to design.

Hi I am Greg Roodt. I'm the Technology Lead of the Data Group. 

Before migrating to Snowflake we used to have different platforms for AI and machine learning compared to our analytics platforms, so it used to be really difficult for people to move between systems and work easily. We also used to have challenges in terms of the pricing model, you were charged for all of the compute that you needed, not for when you were using the compute. So Snowflake's separation of storage and compute really changed the game for us. 

Data really is the backbone of marketing because it's what we use to inform every decision we make about our spend, about our tactics. We're trying to be smarter about how we use data. It's really about how we automate and how we build data tooling so that we can service the needs of a very fast-growing marketing organization.

Data is king right now, isn't it? For us, it's probably even more important because design is so personal - so it's not enough to just have a search algorithm that is doing okay, it needs to be on point. Snowflake has really given us ease of use, but the other one that I just can't highlight enough is reliability.

The Snowflake platform has been really transformation to Canva and the way that we work with data. It's really a fantastic platform that's very flexible, it solves problems at Canva’s scale and we are really looking forward to seeing what comes next in terms of this new wave of Gen AI and advanced Python features in Snowpark.

The number one benefit for using the Snowflake Data Cloud is that it just works. Our Data Scientists love it, they find it very simple, very easy to use and powerful. I recommend it to everybody in the industry - it is just amazing!

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