Passengers Travel Seamlessly Through Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport's Head of Data Strategy Garrick Bryant shares how Snowflake helps streamline and improve the passenger experience, from curbside to check-in to security.



Passengers moved daily from 900+ flights

Sydney Airport
Travel and Transportation
Sydney, Australia
Story Highlights
  • Smooth traveler experience:  Detailed forecasts at every stage of the passenger journey—from curbside to check-in to security—help ensure the airport has the right number of staff and open security lanes to optimize efficiency.  

  • Centralized data, powerful insights:  Snowflake has simplified data management to help the team democratize access to data, better understand the business and equip more people with insights that improve passengers’ experiences.  

  • Seamless, secure data sharing:  Sydney Airport uses Snowflake to securely share data and insights across the airport for greater, more efficient collaboration.  

Video Transcript

The Sydney airport's been operating for just over a hundred years now. We move over a hundred thousand passengers every day from over nine hundred flights. There are around thirty thousand people working across the airport to make sure that everyone has a safe and efficient journey.

Our mission is to make Sydney proud every day, and we wanna make sure that customers traveling through the airport do so in as seamless and pain free way as possible.

To do this, the airport needs to be data driven and understand the concepts of continuous improvement, focusing on what the data can tell us about how to get better at our operational processes. So when I first arrived at the airport, there were a number of data silos, all different on prem solutions. We needed to simplify the environment. We needed to make it accessible and easy environment to work in.

Snowflake was an obvious answer for us, because it brought two things together. One is the ability to scale out on the cloud. And the second thing is to break down those silos and allow us to share the data across the airport and the precinct in the most effective way. Customer journey is made up of multiple steps, you would imagine arriving at the airport, you would arrive at curbside, you'd have check-in, drop your bag, go through security, where data is playing a key role in those operational processes is providing really detailed forecasts of when we're expecting passengers to arrive.

We can make sure that we have the right number of staff and security lanes open. We need to make sure that we've got the right number of people curbside. So one of the key outcomes that we've managed to achieve using Snow flake has the ability to drill down on our forecast from a day level down to an hour and minute level of when we're expecting to see passengers through the terminal. This allows far greater control over when we put people into different positions across that custom a journey, and it allows us to be a lot more efficient.

Another key outcome for us has been the fact that we've been able to simplify our data and since it's allowed us to provide both dashboards and understanding across multiple facets of the business. So previously, our data was in the hands very few, which meant that it couldn't really be operated on by the people that really needed to take action. So with Snowflake, we've been able to bring in those insights into the hands of the people who are making a difference to customers' journeys every day. One of the things that I'm most excited about coming out of Snowflake is the mock a place.

So having a place we can easily and seamlessly get and share data in a safe and secure way will allow airports collaborate more efficiently, and I think that's only gotta be a good thing for our passengers. Snowflake's ease of use and simplicity has allowed us to deliver value to business incredibly quickly, driving business value is way, way more important than the technology, We want the technology to sort of be in the background, and Snowflake has allowed us to do that.

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