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What Are the Right Data Integration Tools?

In recent years, the scope of data integration has grown to include a considerably wider operational range, including data migration, movement, and management; data preparation, and data warehouse automation. Enterprises that rely on data to maintain and grow their business (which is fast becoming just about all mid-sized and larger businesses) need to find the right data integration tools to work with their data warehouse platforms and associated data ingestion tools.

Modern, data-driven businesses need the flexibility to support both structured and ad hoc integration of disparate data sources.They need the right mechanisms to quickly access data insights without the burden of building big data integration scripts and data models that render the data sets involved obsolete by the time the integration work is done.Flexible data formats such as Avro and JSON stress the efficient integration of often ad hoc semi-structured data with existing structured data.

A combination of the right data integration and ETL/ELT tools with a cloud-built data warehouse can automate what were once time and resource-consuming data integration processes. 

Data Integration Tools and the Snowflake Data Warehouse

Snowflake provides seamless data migration by partnering with top data integration tools such as Fivetran, Informatica, Matillion, Stitch, Tableau, and others. Check out the full list here.

Snowflake also supports transforming data while loading it into a table using simple commands, significantly simplifying basic transformations in the ETL pipeline.

Simplify Big Data Integration; Speed Time to Insight

If you are currently struggling with ingesting disparate data types, wasting resources on ETL, or simply unable to access the insights you need to drive business performance, see how Snowflake can help you become a true data-driven business with no commitment. Fire up a Snowflake Free Trial today to: 

  • Integrate and process your semi-structured data with full JSON support

  • Run ETL operations and connect to your business-critical BI tools opeGet a full look at Snowflake under the covers by exploring the UI and sample data sets

  • Try out programmatic access and Spark/Python

  • Address your organization's unique concurrency needs with instant compute resource scaling

  • Choose to continue with Snowflake after the trial ends with pay-as-you-use billing