Orangetheory Fitness Uses the Snowflake Data Cloud to Enhance Workouts

With Snowflake, Orangetheory Fitness maximizes data on everything from workouts to heart rates to build stronger experiences for members.

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Story Highlights

  • Ease of use fuels business outcomes: Snowflake’s ease of use and near-zero maintenance help Orangetheory teams as varied as finance, operations and engineering better analyze data, make more informed decisions and unlock more business value. 
  • Simpler data sharing saves time and money: With secure, seamless data sharing, Orangetheory saves time and money, allowing the team to focus more on delighting members and achieving business goals — and less time maintaining database systems. 
  • Built-in security and governance foster trust: Data security and governance through Snowflake Horizon help Orangetheory keep data management in-house vs. outsourcing to a vendor, which maintains a secure landscape for all of the company’s information


Video Transcript

The reason data is becoming more and more critical in the fitness industry is that health, wellness, fitness is becoming more and more top of mind. Everywhere you look, there's new fitness concepts, there's new wearable technology, there's new ways to measure different things your body is experiencing.

Here at Orangetheory, during every workout, we collect hundreds of thousands of data points on each person during that workout. We have hundreds of data sources that we use here at Orangetheory. To be able to process that, takes a lot of firepower.

Snowflake has opened many doors for us. We've been able to focus on the business use cases and the business solutions rather than the development or the setup and administration.

The data engineering team at Orangetheory Fitness is responsible to bring in data from various internal and external sources and bring them in to Snowflake, model them out and make them usable data for the business partners to analyze and make decisions off of.

It feels like they take the best of all the systems and all the languages and they make it available. So therefore, no matter where you're coming from, you're not gonna have an issue getting up and running in Snowflake.

Whether we're trying to unlock new analytical insights for our finance and operations organization, or we're looking for near real time data to be able to leverage Snowflake to drive capabilities into the studios itself. Snowflake's always ahead of the curve.

The ease of use with Snowflake has not only helped our engineering team, but other team at ODF as well.

One pain point that Snowflake really alleviated for us: data sharing. We completely eliminated our process, saved the cost of the time, the people, and everything involved with maintaining that, and it lets us focus on our members and our business and goals rather than how to maintain the database system. The visibility and the ease of use of the reporting within Snowflake to know what your costs are make it much easier to improve your costs or to reduce your costs. There's no roadblocks. You're always consistently moving forward.

The Snowflake data cloud for Orangetheory Fitness is just simple. Data governance, data security is so critical and so top of mind for Orangetheory that it's not something that we could just hand off to a vendor and trust that it's happening right. Snowflake takes that accountability seriously. Not only maintains a really secure landscape for our information, but is very open and communicative so that our engineers understand those architectural decisions, can have conversations about it, and focus more on pushing forward on our mission of delivering a longer and more vibrant life for our members.

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