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Thinking about how you can use Snowflake on one or more cloud environments? Already working with multiple cloud providers due to a merger or acquisition? Looking to seamlessly and securely share data with trusted business partners that operate on clouds other than your own? Thanks to a unique multi and cross cloud strategy, Snowflake provides a unified experience wherever your data users or data workloads are located.

Snowflake is available on

AWS, Azure, and Google

in over 20 regions across the globe.

Snowflake is uniquely built to be global, meaning customers get a single and seamless experience regardless of cloud or region.

Our Data Cloud was first available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which remains an integral Snowflake partner with which we have many joint customers.

As Snowflake continues to grow, our customer base continues to expand. We’ve answered by making our Data Cloud available on Microsoft to best serve our customers’ needs.

In early 2020, we yet again responded to our customers by offering Snowflake on Google, and continue to expand by making Snowflake available in more Google regions.



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