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SnowconvertRDBMS Migration Accelerator

Convert your Oracle, Teradata, and SQL Server code with
ease and high impact automation


Get Started With SnowConvert

The SnowConvert RDBMS Migration Accelerator is available for free. Get started by taking this one hour training.

Comprehensive, Detailed Assessment

SnowConvert is a high-fidelity conversion tool that creates a complete semantic model based on your codebase. Assessment information allows you to understand what automation benefits to expect and what code may need manual intervention due to platform differences.

Impactful Automation

SnowConvert is designed to create functionally equivalent output while providing guidance, recommendations and reporting on details that cannot be made functionally equivalent through automation alone.

Constantly Evolving

SnowConvert is constantly evolving with updates to currently supported languages based upon Snowflake features and implementation experience.

What is it?

Run free, comprehensive assessments and automate conversion of your code in order to reduce the level of effort required to migrate.

SnowConvert is an accelerator developed by Snowflake Professional Services to help reduce the cost and timeline of migrating certain legacy RDBMS platform code to Snowflake.  The tool not only converts code but also provides detailed assessment information to help plan a migration of your code.

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SnowConvert is a desktop-based tool that can be run either with a GUI or by command line for integration into DevOps processes.

Currently SnowConvert supports Oracle, SQL Server and Teradata code. Code is taken in from a local directory and output is written to the same directory (It does not connect to any source platform or your Snowflake environment).

SnowConvert will scan and create a comprehensive assessment report that helps you understand the amount of automation to expect, what potential implications the converted output could present in Snowflake, and what code may require manual intervention.

Start SnowConvert for Free

SnowConvert is available for free table conversion and assessment. Additional support of the tool can be provided via a PS engagement.

The version of SnowConvert that does not require an access code is able to perform code assessment and to convert all of the Tables DDLs. Additional capabilities to convert the rest of the DDL and DML can be unlocked when talking to your PS partner.  If you are interested, contact your Snowflake account manager or send an email to

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Step 1: Take the Course

Start by taking the free on-demand training course, SnowConvert for Developers (previously known as SnowConvert for Conversion).

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Step 2: Download the Software

Once you have completed the course, you will be sent a completion email that will include links needed to download the desktop software to access the tool. Please send an email to [email protected] if you do not receive the completion email.

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Accelerate Code Conversion for Migrations to Snowflake with SnowConvert


How does it work?

SnowConvert is a high-fidelity conversion tool from Teradata, Oracle and SQl Server to Snowflake. Built on a framework that constructs an Abstract-Syntax Tree (AST) and a Symbol Table, SnowConvert is much more than a regex or find-and-replace tool. It builds a semantic model of the source code and attempts to recreate functionally equivalent code in the target.

Who can use it?

This tool can be downloaded and used by customers and partners in assessment mode after completing the free training. Assessment reporting allows you to understand the potential benefits of using SnowConvert as well as gain valuable technical insight about migrating your code. The conversion capabilities of SnowConvert are currently only available through an active engagement with Snowflake Professional Services.

What code is supported?

Currently supported platforms are Oracle (including PL/SQL and SQLplus – parsing only), Teradata & Teradata Utility scripts (BTEQ, FastLoad, etc.) and SQL Server (Transact-SQL).

Does this tool connect to my source platform?

No. This is a local application that takes in a directory of files as input. There is no connection to any source platform.

Does this tool connect to my Snowflake account?

No. This is a local application that outputs various reports and code files to a local output directory that you specify in the application. Only information regarding the usage and operation of SnowConvert is shared with Snowflake. No source or target code is ever shared.

Does SnowConvert allow you to define your own custom translation rules?

Currently the tool does have some options for customizing the way code is converted on a given run but you cannot write fully custom rules. However, Snowflake Professional Services is actively working on adding an extension framework to support the feature.

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