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The Right Tools to Analyze Data Require the Right Data Warehouse

Snowflake's Data Cloud a new approach to getting data to the people who need it. Built from the cloud up, Snowflake can work with both structured and semi-structured sources. As a result, users can work with any business data or workload, using standard SQL instead of complex programming languages. In particular, Snowflake addresses the current challenges faced by data users in several ways.

Easy Integration with your BI Tools 

 From data management to analytics, our partnerships and data software integrations enable customers to leverage Snowflake’s flexibility, performance, and ease of use to deliver more meaningful data insights.

Snowflake works with leading data management, data integration, and BI partners so you can easily bring together all your data and enable all your users to perform interactive analytics.

Refer to this data analytics applications page and this data warehousing tools list for all known third-party partners and technologies who have production-ready solutions supported in the Snowflake ecosystem.

Snowflake is a complete SQL database. It’s built to use standard SQL, so it does not require data users to learn new or specialized tools and skills to gain quick, easy access to the data they need. Because Snowflake is also ACID compliant, routine data updates and deletions are easy to perform, simplifying the analytics pipeline. We know that your data warehouse is just a part of your data platform, so we partner with the leading BI and statistical tool companies to foster your analytics at every stage of the pipeline.

Use your SQL Skills and Tools to Analyze Data for Maximum Impact

Snowflake's cloud-built architecture features native support for both semi-structured data formats such as JSON and XML and relational data. With Snowflake, users can:

  • Load semi-structured data without the need for transformation
  • Decide whether to flatten semi-structured, nested data formats into SQL relational tables or store data in its native format
  • Deploy fast and efficient SQL-based querying across all data types, which are automatically converted to an optimized, internal storage format

With support for multi-cloud deployments, Snowflake offers a highly scalable and flexible Hadoop and Hadoop and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) alternative. Companies can spend time analyzing business-critical data and sharing it across their wider organizational ecosystem instead of managing cumbersome data transformation tasks that can throttle the process of getting real-time business insights. 

Test Drive Snowflake with No Commitment

Spin up a free trial to:

  • Get a look at Snowflake under the covers by exploring the UI and sample data sets
  • Fire up one or more warehouses and load your own data
  • Run queries against your own data inside Snowflake to measure performance improvements
  • Set up and run ETL and connect to your favorite BI tools
  • Experiment with programmatic access and Spark/Python
  • Process your semi-structured data with full JSON support
  • Instantly scale compute resources up and down to handle your unique concurrency needs
  • Choose to continue with Snowflake right away with pay-as-you-use billing