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Queries in SQL

SQL is the the most used query language. There are other query languages for different types of databases, such as NoSQL databases but SQL variants remain the standard. 

The common common use for queries in SQL is to find specific data by filtering against specific criteria. They can also automate data management tasks. Crosstab, make table, append, crosstab, update, total, and parameter are other examples of common SQL queries. Ad-hoc SQL queries are used when predefined datasets are unable to answer specifc questions. 

JSON Queries in SQL with Snowflake

Snowflake's platform features a data warehouse workload that supports the most common standardized version of SQL (ANSI) for powerful relational database querying. It can also aggregate semi-structured data such as JSON with structured data in a SQL format. Snowflake simplifies access to JSON data and allows users to combine it with structured data. Using Snowflake, users can access JSON data with queries in SQL, and easily join it to traditional tabular data. This innovative approach to querying allows users to store JSON documents in a relational table using a new data type (VARIANT) that is optimized automatically in the background for columnar and MPP access. Read more about JSOn querying in Snowflake here.

Snowflake also allows users to easily query multiple databases (see video below).