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Marketing Data Management Platforms

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) in marketing, serve as data warehouses and help marketers to aggregate performance and audience data across various sources. DMPs store invaluable marketing data from various Martech components, including marketing automation, website analytics, transactional platforms, and more.

A DMP enables advertisers to build audience segments — criteria can include customer information, demographics, household income, past browsing behavior, purchasing information, location, device and so on — and then it can analyze how those segments performed. Based on that analysis, the campaigns can be continually optimized to reach those audience segments that perform best.

Whether you are in B2B or B2C, every customer touchpoint -- from website to mobile app to event attendance to physical POS leaves a digital footprint. This wealth of data is the key to unlocking insights that can drive future offers, campaigns, and tactics to maximize customer and pipeline acquisition as well as retention and loyalty. This data needs to be ingested, unified, stored, and then made accessible for querying and BI by marketing data analysts, marketing ops, and other professionals to improve customer segmentation and overall campaign performance.

Snowflake and the Marketing Data Management Platform

Snowflake's platform helps marketers achieve the coveted Customer 360 view of marketing behavior and performance. With full elasticity, Snowflake can scale up, down, or out to meet demand spikes such as events or holiday season commerce. It also unifies both structured and semi-structured data sets into an easy-to-query SQL format that gives marketers access to the full breadth and depth of customer data to improve decision making. WIth average Martech stack size creeping closer to 100 apps in many larger organizations, aggregating, mining, and then sharing all that rich data is critical to gaining competitive advantage.

Snowflake works with leading BI and analytics partners, including Tableau, Looker, and Segment to give marketing analysts and marketing ops pros access to a full range of powerful analysis tools to help businesses get closer to the vaunted Customer 360 view.

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