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Data Management Products

The rapid growth of data accumulation and dependence by companies worldwide has required improved methods of data management.

Data management takes into consideration the entire data lifecycle, including ingesting and storing the data as well as keeping data accurate, secure and accessible.


Data management is the process of organizing, storing and maintaining the large volumes of structured and unstructured data. The effective oversight of a company's data is critical to success in today's business landscape.

The data management process has become a company-wide responsibility. It strives to ensure that data is accurate, readily accessible and secure.

While the IT department drives much of the data management strategy and execution, analysts, executives and client-facing professionals are part of the process, too.


Data management technology is a broad term that includes the systems, strategies and skills used to manage the information generated and stored by a business.

Identification and implementation of the right data management products is paramount to the growth and success of any data-driven company.

For a company that finds itself overwhelmed by volumes of data or for an organization simply trying to maintain a grasp of data on hand, data catalog tools are a good place to start. Much like a traditional catalog, it facilitates the management and organization of existing data.

Data lifecycle management requires a carefully chosen strategy, including best practices for ETL (extract, transform, load) and the marrying of structured and semi-structured data. Data transformation poses a challenge that can be met with the proper products.


Snowflake's Data Cloud offers a cloud-based single solution to data management needs.

The advantages of the Data Cloud are numerous and include instant scalability, zero management, advanced security measures and an array of analytical add-on tools. Combing data lake, data warehousing, data engineering, data application development, and data sharing, Snowflake is a one-stop shop for data management solutions.


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