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Improve Healthcare

Supply Chain Visibility

with Snowflake

Single points of failure, cost pressures, and complexity are straining the resilience of global supply chains. Improving visibility can be your force multiplier.

Customer Testimonials

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Modernizing Supply Chains

Discover how Roche is streamlining supply chain operations, manufacturing processes, and quality assurance by empowering its data lifecycle teams

Why Snowflake

Improved forecasting and planning

Integrate query-ready third-party data through Snowflake Marketplace like FOURKITES for shipment visibility or Resilinc for supplier risk.

Better decision making with holistic supply chain view

Enhance supply chain visibility through collaboration with key partners, improving capacity and inventory planning, all with seamless and secure cross-cloud data sharing.

Supply Chain Resiliency

Utilize AI and ML capabilities to forecast demand and enable critical use cases like supply chain control tower and spend analytics.