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Access ESG data to measure corporate commitments, inform investment decisions and research, enable portfolio construction, and meet regulatory reporting requirements.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are at the forefront of public, investor, and regulatory attention. Several financial services organizations have not only committed to net zero carbon emissions across their operations, but have also focused on meeting their customers’ demands for more transparency.  

The Financial Services Data Cloud provides direct access to specialized third-party ESG data to organizations across the buy-side and sell-side.



Access ESG Data

Access specialized ESG data on the Snowflake Data Marketplace from industry players like MSCI, Factset, and S&P Global.  

A Single Data Platform

Centrally integrate, join, and store ESG data with first- party and other third-party data, to power workloads across businesses. 

Power Data Science

Derive proprietary ESG scores with near-unlimited scalability and concurrency to help ensure standardization and accuracy. 

Business Values & Outcomes

ESG Factor Research

Construct models that integrate ESG factors alongside factors such as value, size, momentum, growth, and volatility.

Financial Planning

Integrate ESG data into portfolio construction and financial planning to better meet investor demands and preferences.

Regulatory Reporting

Meet SFDR reporting obligations with the incorporation, calculation, and reporting of ESG metrics against portfolio performance.


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