Fraud Detection & Financial Crimes

Detect possible fraud and meet Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance by bringing together data from across your businesses.

Access Industry-Leading Data

Leverage Snowflake Marketplace to find and quickly access customer, transactions and risk data from data providers including FactSet, Fiserv and Stripe to help power fraud detection and screening programs for KYC and AML.

Power ML-Enabled Models

Enhance the accuracy of fraud detection models with machine learning by using Snowpark ML to streamline feature engineering and train the models - all in your Snowflake environment.

Collaborate With Apps

Collaborate across functions and businesses to optimize fraud detection processes by building a native app to handle fraud detection models and datasets faster and more accurately.

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See How Block Powers Fraud Detection with Snowflake

Read how Block built self-service capabilities that empowers their analysts to build fraud prevention models that identify bad actors and detect attack vectors.

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