Introducing Polaris Catalog

An open source catalog for Apache Iceberg

Faster, Easier Ingestionwith Snowflake

Data ingestion is a critical foundational block. Ingestion with Snowflake feels like a breeze.

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Ingest Data Faster, Easier and Cost-Effectively with New Connectors and Product Updates

Streamline your data ingestion with Snowflake's new connectors and updates for faster, easier, and more cost-effective integration into the AI Data Cloud.

All Data, Batch or Streaming

Ingest batch or streaming data with different options available whether it’s files or row-set data in near real-time. 

Connectivity at Scale at your Fingertips

Connect your data with Snowflake’s native or third party connectors directly through Snowflake Marketplace. Getting data in is just a few clicks away.

Encrypted Data Always, In Motion or At Rest

With Snowflake’s connectors, data flows directly from source to Snowflake without file transportation between systems. Your data is always encrypted with built-in security, reliability, and control.

Different ways to getdata into Snowflake

Bring in Batch or Stream data in <10s

Handling both streaming and batch data ingestion and transformation in a single system. Use COPY for batch ingestion, Snowpipe to auto-ingest files, or bring in row-set data with single-digit latency using Snowpipe Streaming. Both Snowpipe and Snowpipe Streaming are serverless for better scalability and cost-efficiency.

Built with Snowpipe Streaming, Snowflake’s native connectors, including Snowflake Connector for Kafka, MySQL* and PostgreSQL*, inherit the benefits of it. Which means more cost effective and lower latency pipelines for you. 

*Public Preview Soon

*Public Preview Soon  **Private Preview

Native Connectivity with no additional cost

Get the day-0 data loads or incremental updates at scale with ease. Built and distributed using the Snowflake Native App Framework, all the connectors provided by Snowflake or Marketplace providers inherit the built-in security and reliability capabilities.

You can get them directly through the Marketplace and pay as you consume with no need for additional licenses or procurement. 

Option to Build Your Own

Developers can build connectors faster with core libraries and templates with the Snowflake Native SDK for Connectors with Snowpark External Access and leverage Snowflake CLI for app lifecycle management. 

Build fewer data pipelines with easy data sharing

Easily access and distribute data and applications with direct access to live data sets from Snowflake Marketplace, which reduces the costs and burden associated with traditional extract, transform and load (ETL) pipelines and API-based integrations. 

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