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HealthMAP: Managing Data Outcomes in a State Healthcare Environment

A healthier approach to data analysis

The amount of data available for analysis is expanding rapidly in healthcare, but challenges such as siloed data sources, lack of BI tools, and disconnected data models hamper organizations from leveraging that data to promote better care and improve health.

Our innovative, industry-leading HealthMAP solution, engineered with Snowflake and delivered by Deloitte, is a flexible and secure analytics platform that aggregates your complex and diverse data sets to deliver cutting-edge analytics across crucial dimensions of healthcare.

With HealthMAP, state healthcare agencies can:

  • Determine potential issues with spending, access to care, disease burden, and health equity
  • Uncover potential sources of fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Generate comparative performance analytics for managed care organizations (MCOs), providers, and vendors
  • Provide foresight on enrollment, spend, and member acuity with predictive analytics
  • Foster collaboration with partner agencies, MCOs, and the federal government

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