Introducing Polaris Catalog

An open source catalog for Apache Iceberg

Education and Training

Snowflake Education Services offers instructor-led classes, on-demand courses, and self-directed learning to help you and your team excel and your data initiatives materialize. 

Learn on Your Own Schedule

Explore On Demand training designed for beginners. Dive into new skills at your own pace with our curated learning tracks.

Accelerate Time to Value with Training

Learn from Snowflake experts in an Instructor-led Course to gain valuable insights and fast track your journey through lectures, demos and hands-on labs.

Demonstrate Expertise with SnowPro Certifications

Gain recognition and show off your depth of knowledge by becoming a subject matter expert on Snowflake.

Ensuring Our Customers Success

Develop a customized training plan that aligns with your organization’s needs and cultivates your team’s skills and confidence. With our comprehensive training solutions, including self-paced online courses and instructor-led training, we empower organizations to accelerate the development of key skills and fully leverage the power of Snowflake.

Self-Learning Content

Learn new skills through Snowflake’s curated paths designed for you and taught by Snowflake experts. 

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Hands On Essentials Badges

If you’re new to Snowflake or new to databases in general, and you like hands-on labs and short videos, this is the track for you. The courses in this track are free, and many of the badges are also free!

Level Up First Concepts

Level Up First Concepts Track

Learn the basic Snowflake concepts, online for free.

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Level Up Snowpark Essentials Track

Whether you're a Python developer seeking new opportunities or aiming to expand your Snowflake expertise, this free introductory course provides everything you need to get started on your journey with Snowpark for Python and Streamlit today.



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