Data Superheroes

As our Snowflake Community continues to grow, we are looking for Snowflake experts who are eager and committed to supporting their fellow community members. Learn more on how you can become a Data Superhero and partner with Snowflake to drive the future of the Data Cloud!

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Skill up in data and AI, hear from industry luminaries, and connect with Data Superheroes.

How to Become a Data Superhero

We are looking for evangelists and passionate builders who actively discuss the latest data trends and want to build with Snowflake. When reviewing all applications, we are looking for consistent contributions to our Snowflake Community through our multiple channels (social, forums, events, videos, blogs, etc.) in the past year. Please include your Snowflake projects, profiles, and contributions online for us to review. 

We review applications at the end of each quarter, so please submit your applications before 3/30 to be reviewed for the first quarter, 6/30 for the 2nd quarter, 9/30 for the 3rd quarter, and 12/30 for the fourth quarter. If you are not accepted into the program, we recommend you to still continue your Snowflake journey and identify different ways you can become a leader in our Community programs. You can submit a new application the following quarter after receiving your decision status.

Rewards and Benefits

  • Product Access
    Data Superheroes can directly engage with our product teams through roadmap discussions and monthly enablement sessions. Our product teams highly value the feedback from our Data Superheroes!
  • Swag
    They will receive Data Superhero branded swag, special gear, and their own superhero avatar to display on their own profiles.
  • Training
    Data Superheroes will have the opportunity to develop their superpowers through Snowflake training courses and participate in advanced certification programs.
  • VIP Experience
    Data Superheroes will receive early invites to exclusive events like Snowflake Summit. They will have dedicated channels and forums among Data Superheroes to ask questions & engage with fellow members.


  • Content Creation
    Data Superheroes enjoy creating engaging content such as blogs, podcasts, and live/recorded videos. They regularly post through their own channels or collaborate with Snowflake for multimedia opportunities.
  • Lead Discussions
    They participate and are engaging in forum discussions, user groups, idea boards, and community events. Data Superheroes are eager to help amplify the message of the Data Cloud to their networks.
  • Snowflake Expertise
    Data Superheroes are Snowflake experts who are able to speak on the latest trends in the Data Cloud and/or have completed Snowflake certification courses.
  • Supporting Others
    They are always willing to support their community members, provide product feedback and recommendations, and display positive and energetic presence, both online and offline.