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Snowflake Data Clean Rooms

Revolutionize how teams across organizations collaborate on sensitive data while preserving privacy. Business users can choose ML-enabled, out-of-the-box templates in a simple UI. Developer APIs allow for customization to your business.

Screenshots of Data Clean Rooms in Snowflake

Easy to use, with no extra access fees

Business and technical users alike can get value from data faster with industry-specific workflows and templates that deploy ML models out of the box — with no additional Snowflake access fees.

Built-in privacy and governance

By bringing the clean room solution to your data, Snowflake Data Clean Rooms removes the need for data to ever leave the governance, security and privacy parameters of Snowflake.

Open and interoperable ecosystem

Snowflake’s open, cross-cloud data clean room ecosystem offers third-party integrations across enrichment, identity and activation. Collaborate with all your partners seamlessly, even if they don’t have a Snowflake account.

What is a data clean room?

Data clean rooms allow multiple parties to collaborate securely with sensitive or regulated data and also maintain data privacy. You can control what data comes in or goes out, plus provide guidance for the kinds of analysis approved users may perform on that data. 

Diagram showing 3 separate parties collaborating securely with Snowflake Data Clean Rooms

Power Collaboration with ML

Easily use machine learning in Snowflake Data Clean Rooms with pre-built templates for key collaboration use cases such as look-alike modeling. Deploy any ML model to customize your clean rooms with developer APIs.

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  • Measure campaign effectiveness through joint analysis
  • Surface valuable insights while protecting consumer data
  • Monetize proprietary data
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Advertising, Media & Entertainment

  • Improve audience insights
  • Link anonymized marketing and advertising data for attribution
  • Drive upsell opportunities
  • Create granular target segments while complying with privacy requirements
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Financial Services

  • Credit Score Modeling
  • Fraud Detection
  • Market Analysis
  • Customer 360
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Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • Enrich and share regulated patient health data
  • Identify patterns in patient outcomes
  • Contribute to medical and pharmaceutical research

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