Sentosa Development Corporation Drives Personalization and Engagement in the AI Data Cloud

To enhance the visitor experience and provide world-class services, SDC implemented the Sentosa Insights and Analytics Hub, powered by Snowflake, which provides faster, richer insights.



Increase in click-through rates through more personalized recommendations


Increase in conversion rates through more personalized recommendations

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Story Highlights
  • Tailored guest recommendations improve results: By serving up more personalized recommendations through its e-commerce platform, Sentosa has increased click-through rates sixfold while boosting conversion rates by a factor of four. 
  • Data sharing with partners enhances visitors’ experiences: Through securely sharing data with island partners, Sentosa better understands guests and their interests, which has strengthened the organization’s marketing strategy and resource planning.  
  • New technology platform increases visitor engagement: Snowflake powers the new Sentosa Insights and Analytics Hub, which helps teams aggregate data and develop products that drive faster insights and better visitor engagement.

Video Transcript

Sentosa Development Corporation was established in 1972 under the Ministry of Trade and Industry to oversee the development, management and promotion of the Sentosa Island as a resort destination for Singaporeans and tourists from around the world.

Spanning five hundred hectares, Sentosa is home to an exciting array of team attractions, lush rainforests, golden sandy beaches, resorts, accommodation, and world class golf courses, making it truly a vibrant island resort for both business and leisure. In order to deliver world class experiences to our visitors, we need to understand individual preferences and needs through data.

Data is crucial to our business strategy at SDC and is a core tenet of the one Sentosa experience framework under the Smart Sentosa pillar. We leverage digital and data to transform how we deliver experience to our guests, collaborate with our partners, and transform how Sentosians work with data. We embarked on our digital and data transformation journey several years ago across multiple facets of the organization, starting with a tech refresh of several core systems. Sentosa has reaped the benefits of using data across many areas of our business operations. One of which was delivering more personalized recommendations through our e commerce platform. Our data-backed recommender engine saw a more than six times increase in clickthroughs and a four time increase in conversion rates.

Our island partners also benefited through collaborating with us on various data projects and data pilots. This includes providing timely insights on visitorship and also their corresponding profiles. SkyPark has consistently been working closely with SDC.

Through the data projects collaboration, we were able to better understand our guests, where they came from, and what they were interested in.

This gave us insights on how to enhance our marketing strategy and resource planning.

Being part of Sentosa's data transformation journey is a mutual beneficial exchange that has enabled our team to obtain key business shift insights to Sentosa.

We continuously look for ways to drive greater engagement with our visitors. We rolled out Sentosa Insights and Analytics Hub within SDC, a technological platform to aggregate data and help develop products that drive faster, better, and deeper insights built on Snowflake Data Cloud. At SDC, we are constantly looking to drive new innovations and exciting customer experiences. We value our partnership with Snowflake and look forward to driving the next wave of innovation to better serve our guests visiting Sentosa.

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