Pupuk Helps Farmers Improve Yield With the Data Cloud

This Indonesian fertilizer company centralized its data in Snowflake to advance sustainable agriculture and better serve the farming community.

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Farming & Agriculture
Jakarta, Indonesia
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Story Highlights
  • Single source of truth deepens understanding of customers: By collecting data from a variety of sources and applications, Pupuk now has rich analytics that help the company better understand its customers, such as farmers in rural areas.  

  • Democratized access to insights yields outcomes: Everyone in the company can now analyze data independently, helping Pupuk build a data-driven culture while accelerating projects and delivering more accurate results.

  • Ease of maintenance relieves operational burden: Snowflake’s ease of use and near-zero maintenance mean that the Pupuk team can spend more time on making strategic decisions — and less time having to manage their data platform.

Video Transcript

Pupuk Indonesia is one of the biggest fertilizer companies in the world. We have around eight thousand employees.

Pupuk Indonesia is trying to provide products that can help the farmers to achieve sustainable agriculture.

The main idea is how we can reduce the environmental impact of using chemical fertilizers, how we can reduce the carbon emission, and so on. So to achieve sustainable agriculture, we are using some technology, fence technology, like precision farming, and then IoT, the tonality peaks, and so on to help farmers to get the best productivity that they can get from the land.

Data plays an important role in our organization Mainly to support strategic decision making, drive innovation, and then also drive our competency. We previously used on premise Hadoop data lake. It's a quite complex technology. We are a lean data team. We only consists of less than ten people. We don't have, system administrator to manage the complex system. 

So we chose snowflakes because of its simplicity, low or near-zero maintenance, and then, it's also easy to use for everyone in our team. One of the use cases that we develop on top of Snowflake data cloud is customer relationship management. The objective is to have a customer profiling models, as detailed as possible so that we can, meet there needs accurately and quickly. 

We're trying to understand our customers better, and our customer is, mostly, they are small farmers in the rural areas. They don't have awareness of the technology adoption. So Snowflake really help us to implement the analytics to collect the data from different data sources, different applications.

To store inside a one centralized data repository, and then we can analyze the data. We also want to make the data more democratized so everyone can do data analytics, independently and easily with the help of our advanced tools. My team really loves Snowflake. We don't need to worry anymore about the maintenance, the performance, or anything else that previously we needed to handle. The management team said that they are happy with our product.

Because we can do the project faster, and we can deliver the results more accurately with Snowflake. It's been a wonderful experience.

We I feel that we have made a good choice by choosing Snowflake as our data cloud platform.

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