Kiwibank Targets a Sustainable Future for New Zealand

As New Zealand’s 100-percent owned bank, Kiwibank is on a mission to make all Kiwis better off. With Snowflake, the bank now has timely, accurate and secure access to data, helping the team deliver more value to customers.

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  • Centralized data: Working with Snowflake to create a single source of truth has helped Kiwibank overcome its decades-long challenge of data silos.

  • Secure customer insights: Snowflake gives the bank access to timely, secure and accurate data that helps teams better understand customers and their needs.

  • Operational ease: With Snowflake’s easy-to-use, fully managed platform, teams at Kiwibank can spend less time on administration and more on strategic initiatives.

Video Transcript

Kiwibank is New Zealand's one hundred percent owned bank. It's the largest New Zealand bank owned by all of New Zealand. It was set up twenty one years ago, at the heart of our business is a purpose led business. So we think about performance through purpose, and our purpose is Kiwi making Kiwi better off.

Yeah, so we've got really clear purpose goals at Kiwi Bank. By 2030, we've got three goals. We got Tamariki, which is New Zealand's children, really improve their financial literacy. We also wanna try and make Aotearoa better off, so people being more financially confident and feel better about the choices they make and also make our businesses better off and so support them through sustainable finance.

We’re also B Corp accredited. So I think that allows external stakeholders and our own customers to understand that we hold ourselves to a high and accredited standard. When I think about the themes that are really impacting financial services globally, but more particularly in New Zealanders’ sort of insatiable demand for trying to provide real-time insights, make things simple, make things easy for team and customer. So I think globally, those are the trends, but what we're stuck with is a whole lot of systems that don't often speak to each other in near real time.

And so one of the big challenges is how can we be safe, reliable, secure, but also simple, easy, and accessible.

When you think about financial services and more particularly a bank, the only thing we have is our brand and our data. We've got a whole lot of great humans trying to do all we can for customers, but it relies one hundred percent on being able to access the current and timely and accurate and safe data to allow us to understand where the customer's coming from. All of those things are data driven and the challenge we've had for decades is all of those data stand in different silos. But so far Snowflake have been really important to be able to bring our data alive, make sure that it's timely and real and secure and then distribute that into other areas so that if I'm in a workflow, or I've got a next job to be done, all of those things are being powered by Snowflake. 

So I think, you know, that sense of opportunity has been one of the really key things that Snowflake has brought to us. When we think about the future opportunities and the stuff that we see showcased, we think there's just so much further to go. Partnering with someone like Snowflake allows us to focus on where we can make a difference and leverage the global expertise and the absolute momentum of a partner at Snowflake to bring those things live.

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