Amber Electric Gives Australians Greater Control of Their Energy Usage in the AI Data Cloud

With data at the heart of its business, Amber relies on timely, robust insights from Snowflake to help Australia shift to 100% renewable energy.

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Story Highlights
  • A reliable data model improves liability management: With Snowflake, Amber Electric has built an accurate model for customer invoices, allowing the finance team to maintain the company’s liability position and more effectively manage invoices. 
  • Timely insights maximize campaigns: Amber uses intelligence from the Snowflake platform to reach the right customers at the right time, helping deliver an exceptional customer experience and optimize campaigns. 
  • Operational efficiency eases team burden: With Snowflake’s ease of use, low operational overhead, near-unlimited scale and native SQL support, the Amber Electric team can spend more time innovating — and less time managing their data. 


Video Transcript

Amber is a new way to buy energy where customers access the wholesale energy market without any markup.

And the way that we do that is by capturing those good moments where renewables are high, then prices are cheap.

So the mission of Amber is to essentially get households onto a hundred percent renewable energy. What we're doing is we're providing data intelligence within the app, and then customers can use that to determine their energy usage. And we essentially allow them to build an energy plan for themselves that gives them access to, you know, let's say I wanna run the dishwasher or the dryer or another high energy appliance.

When's the most appropriate time to run that? And that's what our app provides.

And give customers the intelligence to utilize those moments of when they should use power.

We also use data to help customers manage their batteries, using all sorts of collected data to train a machine learning model to help determine the best plan for their usage patterns. Within Amber, we have lots of different teams that rely on data, but in particular, there is the finance team who use it for liability management. We're a lean start up, so we need to be able to know what customers we should contact at what given times.

So we use lots of intelligence within our data platform to be able to determine the best and appropriate way to run those campaigns.

So with the new data platform, the things we were looking to achieve were that ease of access where we could easily extract data and load data into our data warehouse. Amber's main use case for why we selected Snowflake was low operational overhead, ease of use with other tools, SQL being, you know, the lingua franca of everything. There is absolutely no amount of scale that Snowflake can't handle. So over the last twelve months, Snowflake has allowed us to build an accurate model for customer invoices, which allows us to reconcile against our partners and make sure that we have enough within the bank to pay all those invoices out as well as maintain our liability position.

Our experience with Snowflake has been exceptional. We have great account directors that always check-in on us and ask how things are going. We are able to get in front of different engineers and understand any of the new features that are coming into Snowflake, and everyone always makes time to hear our problems and understand if there's anything they can do to help.

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