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Snowflake for Good

One of Snowflake’s company values is to “Make each other the best.” We give back to our communities in meaningful ways and inspire others to do the same. From Snowflake’s early days, we have been involved in projects that make a difference.

With a handful of employees or the entire company, we take time out to assist with humanitarian, environmental, educational, and many other efforts that deliver impact, locally and globally. Here are some of the efforts Snowflake and its valued employees engage in to help others.

A group of snowflake employees volunteering

Snowflakes in the Community

Our employees engage in many local programs to help benefit humanity and the environment. At our offices in Silicon Valley, across the United States, and throughout Europe and Asia Pacific, we’re committed to helping the communities we call home.

Mid-Peninsula Boys and Girls Club

Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club

Snowflake employees are passionate about helping young people achieve their goals.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Health issues among any population group affect us all. Snowflake participates in a number of initiatives to help raise funds and awareness.

Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest Food Bank

At Snowflake’s offices, and at Food Bank premises, our volunteers help ensure those in need are remembered and cared for during the holiday season.

Supporting Initiatives That Make a Difference

Snowflake has developed a relationship with several organizations to promote and contribute to the enhanced equality of opportunity in technology.

Women in Data

Women in Data aims to narrow the gender gap in data science and data analytics by encouraging more diverse representation in these industries. The organization raises awareness through events, including its namesake annual conference that attracts thousands of data professionals.

Snowflake supports Women in Data by sponsoring events, serving on discussion panels, and advocating for women across data science and analytics. Snowflake also partners with Women in Data to support the organization’s annual Women in Data and Technology awards.

Women in Data
Techbridge Girls

Techbridge Girls

Techbridge Grils excites, educates, and equips girls from low-income communities by delivering high-quality STEM programming that empowers them to achieve economic mobility and better life chances. Techbridge Girls has set a goal to serve one million girls by 2030, providing all girls fair access to economic opportunities.

Camelback Ventures

Camelback Ventures identifies, develops, and promotes early-stage underrepresented entrepreneurs with the aim to increasing individual and community education, and generational wealth. The organization empowers local leaders to enact change within their communities by providing support through coaching, capital, connections, community, and curriculum. 

Camelbak Ventures
Gensys Works

Genesys Work

Genesys Work equips high school students from underserved communities with skills and experiences they can use to develop bright careers. Snowflake provides paid internships to these students so they can achieve established goals during their time at Snowflake, while experiencing rewarding work opportunities that will help prepare them as young adults.


Providing assistance to organizations built to serve and help others is core to Snowflake. But we also recognize the significantly bigger impact of enabling other organizations to do the same.

The Data Cloud offers the technology, data, and global network so Snowflake customers can unify, analyze, and share data to reveal insights not possible before. Here are just some of our customers that deliver impact to those in need.

Children’s Hospitals Association

The Association advances child health through innovation in the quality, cost, and delivery of care across 220 children’s hospitals nationwide. With Snowflake, Children’s Hospital Association has drastically improved their data operations while also improving overall security around sensitive data when shared with customers. By having an easy-to-use and scalable data platform, the Association can provide better services to the children through increased access to deep data insights for research related to the care and quality of health services provided.


Kiva alleviates poverty by supplying over $1.29 billion dollars in loan capital to more than 85 countries via their non-profit marketplace. With Snowflake, Kiva is able to make quicker data-driven decisions regarding loan structure and market investment, putting funds where communities need it most. Kiva’s also uses Snowflake to deliver consistent and reliable data reports to trustees and business partners, who help Kiva source entrepreneurs, screen borrowers, post loan requests, disburse loans, and collect payments – ultimately empowering Kiva towards their vision of a financially inclusive world where people hold the power to improve their lives.

Parkinson’s UK

Parkinson’s UK drives better care, treatments, and quality of life for those affected by Parkinson’s disease. With Snowflake, Parkinson’s UK is making good progress towards a 360-degree view of their customer journey – allowing them to understand and personalize the relationships they have with people affected by the disease. Parkinson’s UK believes that efficiencies created by Snowflake will help the organization reach thousands more people than they can currently help through their frontline services.

Data Collaboration for the Climate

Snowflake partners with key data providers to make environmental data sets available for free on the Snowflake Marketplace. Snowflake customers, employees and partners can surface critical insights, informing the decisions we must make today to preserve our climate for tomorrow.

Winding highway in a city

Energy and Emissions

In partnership with Knoema, Snowflake customers can analyze renewable energy, air quality, biodiversity, waste and greenhouse gas emissions from a variety of open data sources including EDGAR, UNSD, UNFCCC and via OAG predict carbon emissions of scheduled flights.

Cloud on a horizon line


NOAA, Weather Source and AccuWeather provide insight into historical and forecast data sets measuring precipitation, temperature, wind speed and solar radiation by region.

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ESG Scores

Analyze environmental and social governance scores from CSRHub spanning over 17,000 entities across categories including carbon emissions, water use, leadership ethics, diversity, philanthropy, training, compensation and transparency.

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