Last Updated: May 6, 2024

These Offering-Specific Terms are referenced in the agreement between Customer and Snowflake under which Snowflake provides its software-as-a-service offering, including, without limitation, any attachments, addenda or exhibits referenced therein (“Agreement”), and apply to the Optional Offerings listed below. These Offering-Specific Terms may be updated by Snowflake from time to time upon notice (which may be provided through the Service, by posting an updated version of these Offering-Specific Terms or as otherwise specified in these Offering-Specific Terms).

By accessing or using any Optional Offerings, Customer is accepting all of the Offering Specific Terms applicable thereto. If Customer does not agree to such Offering Specific Terms, Customer may not use the applicable Optional Offering(s). Customer agrees that the Offering Specific Terms are enforceable like any written agreement signed by Customer.

Customer-Controlled Data Sharing Functionality

External Offerings1


Provider and Consumer Terms

Snowflake Connectors

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Snowflake AI Terms

Open-Source Model Flow-Down Terms

1 For clarity, where Customer’s Agreement refers to the defined term “Third-Party Applications”, such reference shall be interpreted to refer to External Offerings