We believe in inclusion, diversity, and equal pay for equal performance. Our Snowflake values, ‘Embrace Each Other’s Differences’ and ‘Make Each Other the Best,’ underscore our firm belief in creating a workplace that embraces diversity and promotes a fair environment for all employees.

Our approach to compensation is designed to foster a strong pay-for-performance culture that is appropriate and aligned with the value of work performed. It takes into account a range of factors, such as experience, skills, and education, when determining the compensation an individual should receive.

Our ongoing fair pay analyses incorporate current and relevant market industry benchmarks.  Annual reviews are done to promote, recognize, and reward performance. We continually look for ways to keep our pay competitive for all Snowflake employees. Our approach has resulted in Snowflake being recognized as just one of 20 companies worldwide that have achieved a Fair Pay Workplace certification since May 2023.

In Australia, we participated in our inaugural Workforce Gender Equality Agency annual report in 2023. The results show that Snowflake’s fair pay practices are better than our industry peers in the technology sector.  As part of our ongoing commitment to fair pay worldwide, we continue to invest in and expand growth opportunities for women in data and technology.