Customer 360 in Financial Services

Acquire new clients, predict product or policy suitability, personalize investment planning and determine Next Best Action with customer 360 analytics.


The Financial Services Data Cloud empowers businesses – from wealth management firms and retail banking to credit unions and insurance providers – with customer 360 views to create personalized customer experiences.

One Platform for All Data

From banking systems and portfolio warehouses to CRMs, bring all of your customer and transaction data — regardless of source, format or integration method - onto a single data platform.

Preserve Privacy While Collaborating

Easily govern data access and apply security measures to reduce risk of breach from data copies. And mask and collaborate on sensitive data — without exposing it — via Global Data Clean Rooms.

reference architecture/diagram in customer 360 for financial services

We didn’t choose an off-the-shelf CDP because a substantial amount of engineering is required to get it up and running, and at the end of the day, it is just a second source of truth. Why would we buy a CDP when all of our data modeling is already being done directly in Snowflake?

Ryan Newsome
Head of Data and Analytics, Compare Club

Mobilizing Financial Services Data for Customer Centricity

Download this report to learn how industry-leading financial services organizations are building a single data platform to achieve customer centricity.

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