Introducing Polaris Catalog

An open source catalog for Apache Iceberg


Snowflake Unistore

Simplify development by uniting transactional and analytical data.

Hybrid Tables on Snowflake

Simplify Architecture, Slash the Operational Burden

Reduce the number of databases and pipelines to manage with fast point operations in Snowflake.

Develop New Features and Use Cases Faster

Create new use cases with ready-to-query transactional and analytical data.

Ensure Always-On Security and Governance

No matter the cloud, region or data type, you’ll get consistently enforced policies and protections—all in a single platform.

How It Works

Unlock Transactional Use Cases With Hybrid Tables

Hybrid Tables (in public preview on AWS) are a new Snowflake table type that enable fast, single-row operations. This capability helps teams develop lightweight transactional use cases like serving data or storing an app’s state, all within Snowflake.

Hybrid Tables include indexes to retrieve data faster, and Snowflake enforces unique constraints for your applications’ required primary keys. You can also use referential integrity constraints to better define the relationship between primary and foreign keys.

Hybrid Tables on Snowflake
Integrate transactional and analytical data into a single data set with hybrid tables on Snowflake

Analyze Transactional and Historical Data Fast

Act on data from across your ecosystem immediately, build new and better customer experiences, and get deeper insights by integrating transactional and analytical data in a single data set.

Merge data—whether it’s from existing Snowflake tables, Snowflake Marketplace or other teams—for actionable, near real-time insights.

Maximize Value With Security, Elasticity and More—All in a Fully Managed Platform

The best part of Unistore? It's all in Snowflake. 

You’ll enjoy consistent governance and security controls alongside an elastic performance engine that delivers cloud performance at scale. 

Since Snowflake seamlessly integrates with data shared across clouds and regions, you don’t have to copy or move data. And Snowflake’s fully managed platform eliminates the need for you to manage infrastructure, query tuning, updates or data continuity.


Building Simpler With Unistore

Hear how Siemens AG and Northern Trust are using Hybrid Tables.

Eliminate SiloedDevelopment

Bring more workloads, users and use cases directly to your data—all within the AI Data Cloud.

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Learn from and connect with builders in the AI Data Cloud.

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