Serko Opens Up a New World of Reporting in the Data Cloud

By turning to the Snowflake Data Cloud, this travel and expense tech company now easily and securely shares data with customers and partners to enable connected experiences for business travelers around the world.

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  • Data access for all: Rather than undergoing the time-consuming process of extracting data and sharing reports, Serko now provides direct access to the same data to its own employees — as well as to customers and partners — all on the same secure, governed platform. 

  • Richer data, better decision-making: Serko augments its own data with data sets from Snowflake Marketplace, then securely shares this data with partners and customers to help them better understand their own customers’ data.

  • Strategic partnership for success: By turning to Snowflake for its journey to a native data cloud, Serko fulfilled its goals of finding a cost-effective, open and scalable platform while enjoying support from the Snowflake team throughout every step of the process — from selection to implementation.

Video Transcript

Serko is a travel and expense technology company. We were founded in 2007 and we are based in New Zealand, Australia, the US, and China.

Our mission at Serko is to build the world's leading travel marketplace technology. And in doing so, enable frictionless, connected experiences for business travelers globally. 

A couple of things that we are seeing at the moment as a real focus around sustainability, and that be everything from carbon credits to other things, but also a real return to travel and a return of remote travelers as well. So we are seeing more demand on our platforms, more demand on our products then than post-Covid. 

So the use of data at Serko is crucial, both in terms of operating our company, but also working with our customers and partners so that they can understand their customers data. Some of our largest customers are well renowned for using data and technology to drive their decision making, and we are looking to emulate their experience and provide that back to them. 

So there’s a number of teams that rely on data at Serko, in fact, probably all teams in different ways. center contact from. That might be everything from the commercial team to understand what it costs to run and support our platforms, all the way through to how well are our platforms and technology supporting our customers. 

Prior to Snowflake, we had an internal closed data platform that we could use for pretty rudimentary decision making, but we didn't have the enablement where we could, you know, provide access and connectivity directly to our customers, directly to our partners.

We were not able to bring in additional content from the marketplace and augment it together. And we were limited to a very much an ETL world of absorbing data and doing what we can with what we had. 

When we started this journey of going to a native data cloud, what we were really looking for was, cost effectiveness, partnership, scaling, open platform, and also the ability to have options around cloud agnostic hosting and relationships to design for today, but also designed for the future. 

The impact of adopting Snowflake has been significant, in the past we would extract data and write reports and share reports, whereas that's not the world we live in now. Now we provide direct access to the same data to not only our own staff, but to our customers and partners on the same platform. 

Throughout our whole journey, of selection all the way through to implementation, you know, Snowflake has supported us along the way. It's always been, how can we help you? How can we make you successful, and how can we be a part of that success as well? 

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