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Cost Management & Performance Optimization

Snowflake provides built-in cost management and performance optimizations to help customers minimize TCO and continuously improve price for performance.

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Definitive Guide to Managing Spend in Snowflake

Effectively manage your spend in Snowflake to consume sustainably and deliver maximum business value.

Minimize TCO with Snowflake’s Fully-Managed Platform

  • Achieve faster time to insights and to production  

  • Decrease unplanned downtime and operational risks

  • Reduce business operations costs by paying only for actual usage. Snowflake’s consumption-based pricing also eliminates software license fees and recovers storage and server costs

  • Reduce infrastructure costs, administrative efforts, and maintenance so you can reallocate technology resources to higher-value business priorities

Snowflake Platform Diagram
Cost Management features on the Snowflake platform

Effectively Manage Your Snowflake Spend With Built-in Cost Management Capabilities

Maximize Value Through Snowflake’s Continuous Platform Improvements and Performance Features

  • Automatically benefit from performance enhancements in query times and query processing as they roll out    

  • Track improvements in Snowflake performance experienced by customers over time with the Snowflake Performance Index (SPI)

  • Optimize queries, storage, and workloads with serverless performance optimization features


Improvement in query duration, all time

SPI Line graph showing a 20% improvement in query duration since 2022

12% improvement in query duration over the last 12 months*

*Based on internal Snowflake data, query duration for customers’ stable workloads improved by 27% from August 25, 2022 to April 30, 2024. To calculate SPI, we identify a group of customer workloads that are stable and comparable in both amount of queries and data processed over the period presented. Reduction in query duration resulted from a combination of factors, including hardware and software improvements and customer optimizations. Improvement in query duration metrics are rounded to the nearest hundredth.

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