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Discover, acquire and monetize data and applications across clouds.

Snowflake Application Data Cloud

Share Data Across Clouds and Regions

The only platform that gives you direct access to live, ready-to-query data across clouds and regions—without the need for extract, transform and load (ETL).

Monetize Data and Apps

Find, buy and sell data and applications with built-in, usage-based pricing on Snowflake Marketplace.

Protect Sensitive Data While Maximizing Value

Unlock new value by collaborating on your sensitive data with privacy-preserving technology like query constraints, data protection policies, and Snowflake Data Clean Rooms.

How It Works

Gain Peace of Mind With Secure Data Sharing

Snowflake Secure Data Sharing allows your organization to share direct access to live data without additional ETL or integration work.

Map of Snowflake regions across the globe

The map is intended for illustrative purposes and does not show all available regions, for a full list of regions see documentation.

Enable Cross-Cloud Collaboration With Snowgrid

With Snowgrid, you can connect your business ecosystems across regions and clouds without the risks and costs of traditional ETL and data pipelines.

Protect Sensitive Data With Privacy-Preserving Technology

Derive insights from your sensitive, regulated data with the latest in privacy-preserving technology like aggregation and projection policies (in public preview), differential privacy (in private preview) and Snowflake Data Clean Rooms—all built natively into the platform.

Privacy-preserving technology is built natively into the Snowflake platform
Screenshot of Data Product listings in the Snowflake Marketplace

Expand Your Reach With Snowflake Marketplace

Offer your data or Snowflake Native App on Snowflake Marketplace to reach thousands of customers via a self-serve buying experience with flexible, consumption-based pricing options.


Browse the Snowflake Marketplace

Find, try and buy the data and Snowflake Native Apps you need to power innovative business solutions.

Leaders Collaboratewith Snowflake

Centralizing and sharing data with Snowflake made it easier to build data products for marketing analytics, quotation success metrics, production line tools, supply chain dashboards and reports used by thousands of ABB users across the globe.


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Revenue Growth

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CONA Services Uses Snowflake to Share Live Data With 11 North American Bottlers

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KFC Cut Delays in Pipelines From Days to Seconds With Snowflake Data Sharing

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State Street Amazed Customers by Using Snowflake Data Sharing to Deliver Data in Under 10 minutes

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Bring more workloads, users and use cases directly to your data—all within the AI Data Cloud.

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Learn from and connect with others in the AI Data Cloud.

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Snowflake Documentation

Check out Snowflake documentation for information about features and tutorials, as well as a detailed reference of commands, functions, and operators.

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