Snowflake for Data Warehouse

Accelerate data analytics with leading price for performance and near-zero maintenance.

Unify Data Warehousing—and More—on a Single Governed Platform

Work with SQL, Python, Java, Scala and more for analytics use cases—all while enabling data protection and consistent governance.

Lose the Operational Burden, Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Power your data warehouse on a fully managed platform for virtually unlimited users and jobs across regions and clouds.

Optimize Cost and Performance

Automatically scale up or down without sacrificing performance, and get transparent, predictable costs with ongoing enhancements, built-in cost optimizations and consumption-based pricing.

How It Works

Minimize Total Cost of Ownership With Near-Zero Maintenance

Snowflake’s fully managed platform provides automatic provisioning, availability, tuning, data protection and more—across clouds and regions—for an unlimited number of users and jobs. 

Minimize costs with Snowflake
Budget and Usage Dashboard on Snowflake

Gain Optimal Price for Performance and Elasticity

Snowflake’s elasticity enables you to rightsize compute resources to respond to workload fluctuations within seconds—without resource contention or performance degradation. Combined with consumption-based pricing, this helps avoid over-provisioning.

In addition to ongoing performance improvements, the platform also offers native optimizations that help make costs more efficient, transparent and predictable.

Protect Data With Built-in Security and Governance

To ensure your data stays secure as it’s queried and shared globally, Snowflake combines powerful security controls—which provide identity and access management across CSPs, networking and encryption—with a unified governance model that enforces policies, tags and lineage.

Built-in Security and Governance controls on Snowflake

Accelerate Analytics for Any Use Case

Snowflake fuels a full spectrum of use cases with the same copy of data—all on a data warehouse that feels familiar yet robust. Visualize insights with BI and reporting, process location data with geospatial analytics, or forecast time-series data with ML-based Snowflake Cortex functions (anomaly detection and forecasting in GA soon).

Share and Collaborate on Live, Ready-to-Query Data

Snowflake’s separation of storage and compute helps you easily share live data across business units, eliminating the need for data marts or maintaining multiple copies of data. You can also share data with partners and customers—regardless of region or cloud—whether or not they’re on Snowflake.


5 Questions to Ask When Considering a Migration to Snowflake


Leaders Choose Snowflakefor Data Warehousing and Beyond

Our best-in-class customers know that data warehousing is just the beginning of their Snowflake journey.

“We wanted to make the most people the most productive in the shortest amount of time, and Snowflake was the clear winner.”


Faster data ingestion and transformation


Fewer headcount needed to manage data

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Leading Integration and BI ProvidersPartner With Snowflake

Maximize the value of your data with business intelligence and data integration partners that work seamlessly with Snowflake.

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Eliminate SiloedDevelopment

Bring more workloads, users and use cases directly to your data—all within the Data Cloud.


Ways toGet Started

Migration accelerated partner program

Migration Accelerated Partner Program

Connect with our best-in-class system integrator partners for your Teradata to Snowflake migration.

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Snowflake Community

Meet and learn from a global network of data practitioners in Snowflake’s community forum and Snowflake User Groups.

Virtual Hands on Labs

Virtual Hands-On-Labs

Join an instructor-led, virtual hands-on lab to learn how to get started with the Snowflake Data Cloud.

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