Marketing Analytics

Forum Keynote

Becoming data-driven has long been the prime objective for marketers, and in a world exploding with data there has never been greater opportunity. However, along with data come data silos that prevent marketers from obtaining a 360-degree view of customers, insight into their campaign performance, and analytics to power personalization.

In the opening keynote, hear from industry leaders on how we are entering the age of integrated data with the Data Cloud.

Welcome and opening remarks: Join Snowflake’s Chief Marketing Officer, Denise Persson, as she shares insights on the changing landscape of marketing and best practices for overcoming data silos.

Industry insights from Mobile Marketing Association: Hear from Mobile Marketing Association’s CEO, Greg Stuart, on the latest industry research. Also hear from CVS’ CMO, Norman De Greve, on the big trends facing marketing organizations today.

The Data Cloud in action: Experience the power of the Data Cloud for driving your customer 360 and campaign personalization strategies.

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