Data Clean Room Live Demo:

Improve Advertising Effectiveness and Data Security and Privacy Compliance

Media, advertising, and entertainment organisations are continually working to develop new, engaging, and personalised experiences. Data plays a critical role in driving greater personalisation, making better content decisions, and improving the effectiveness of campaigns. But, with increased privacy regulations, organisations must find new ways to leverage data whilst complying with consumer privacy regulations.

A data clean room solution allows brands to access data insights, without any kind of exchange of data between organisations. This gives advertisers access to a vast quantity of audience data whilst protecting users’ privacy. If you’d like to learn how to use data clean rooms to leverage data whilst increasing data security and privacy compliance, watch this demo.

You will learn how to leverage Snowflake’s data clean room technology to:

  • Optimise the impact of investments by providing near real-time access to data
  • Drive innovation with seamless access to third-party data from Snowflake Data Marketplace
  • Reduce cost of acquisition and improve retention by storing all relevant subscriber data in one place
  • Enhance data privacy and data governance by conducting identity, enrichment, targeting, and measurement, all within one platform