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Keeping Humans

in the Loop with Yves Caseau, Group Chief Information Officer at Michelin

Today’s episode features an interview with Yves Caseau, Group CIO at Michelin. Yves also previously served as the President of the ICT Commission at the National Academy of Technology in France. Yves is a global thought leader on organization theory, social networks, and computer-mediated communication. In this episode Yves talks about the importance of keeping humans involved in AI systems, adaptations Michelin has made to its supply and distribution chains amidst the COVID-19 crisis, innovation in France’s start-up culture, and much more.Rise of the Data Cloud is brought to you by Snowflake. For more information about how you can benefit from the Data Cloud, join the Data Cloud Academy where you'll learn from an ecosystem of Snowflake customers, partners, data providers, and data service providers who will help you to derive value from all your rapidly growing data sets. Register today at