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Launch more personalized, closed-loop campaigns across channels.


Execute granular segmentation to personalize campaigns

Enhance customer 360 views with advanced analytics and relevant third-party data from Snowflake Marketplace

Improve Campaign Relevance and Performance

Drive seamless, cross-channel  campaigns with activation applications in partnership with a leading ecosystem

Measure Results and make timely decisions to maximize impact

Connect marketing data to sales and operational insights to measure impact and better deploy marketing resources

Deliver the most

Personalized Campaigns

with the Data Cloud

The right engagement at the right time has long been the goal for marketing teams. However, businesses have been held back by data silos and data latency. The Data Cloud enables governed, timely access to critical data sets, activation through best-of-breed marketing tools, and delivery on the vision of personalization.

One Platform for All Data

Eliminate data silos and bring togethet all your customer and business data, regardless of data source, data method or format.

Governed Data Access

Work with near instant, governed access to live data sets and reduce data latency across a variety of use-cases via robust and modern data sharing

Seamless Activation

Drive impactful campaigns by working with a leading partner ecosystem capable of bringing your modern marketing data stack to life.



Engagement And Customer Data Platforms

Marketing Clouds

Reverse ETL

Advertising Platforms