Snowflake for Cybersecurity

Protect your enterprise with unified data, near-unlimited visibility and powerful analytics.

Gain Near-Unlimited Visibility

Quickly investigate an incident across the full breadth of your high-volume log sources.

Automate Manual Processes

Manage risk via self-service dashboards by combining contextual data with security logs for higher-fidelity alerts.

Accelerate Threat Detection and Response

Deploy applications in your Snowflake account for off-the-shelf integrations, security content and pre-built interfaces—all without moving your data.

How It Works

Consolidate Security Data in One Place

While legacy SIEM solutions can present challenges like data silos, limited storage and high costs, Snowflake’s Data Cloud allows you to unify your logs and enterprise data while cost-effectively storing near-unlimited amounts of crucial, frequently accessed data for years.

Consolidate Security Data with Snowflake
Connect your data with Snowflake

Connect Security Applications With Your Data in Snowflake

Build a robust security program by deploying security applications on your data lake, which helps detection, response and compliance teams all work from the same single source of truth.

Handle Large-Scale Investigations With an Elastic Engine

Snowflake’s separation of compute and storage allows you to focus on mission-critical activities without worrying about concurrency, resource contention, compute power, scalability or cost. Since compute resources automatically scale up and down, you only pay for what you use.

Instant Elasticity with Snowflake
Snowflake Marketplace security data provider listings

Enrich Your Data for High-Fidelity Alerts and Automation

Accelerate threat hunting and investigations with dynamically updated threat intelligence from Snowflake Marketplace, or bring contextual data into Snowflake via Snowflake Native Connectors. Both options help you access data with just a few clicks.  

Make Faster, More Informed Decisions With Self-Service Dashboards

Equip your entire organization with powerful insights by using Snowflake or your enterprise’s business intelligence tools to build dynamic dashboards with security metrics and key risk indicators.

Self service dashboard on Snowflake

Applications for Your Security Data Lake

Gain more value from your data by bringing your cybersecurity tech stack to your data in Snowflake.


Cloud Security

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Business Intelligence

Data Enrichment


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Security LeadersChoose Snowflake

“The ability to push this level of detail into one system and quickly query against it has really changed the way we do security."


Increase in detection coverage

<30 mins

Time to automatically sweep 50,000+ indicators of compromise across 10PB of data

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