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Protect your enterprise with unified data, near-unlimited visibility, and powerful analytics.

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The Power of Snowflake's Data Cloud for Cybersecurity

Leverage virtually unlimited storage, scalable compute, and powerful analytics for high-fidelity threat detection and swift incident response.

Why snowflake

For cybersecurity

Establish a modern security data lake with Snowflake's Data Cloud to enable powerful analytics, accelerated detections, and speedy investigations.

Gain Near-Unlimited Visibility

Quickly investigate the timeline of an incident across the full breadth of your high-volume log sources, including cloud systems, firewalls, servers, network traffic, and SaaS applications.

Automate Manual Processes

Combine contextual data sets with traditional security logs for higher-fidelity alerts. Remove the need to manually analyze data from different sources to resolve noisy alerts.

Accelerate Threat Detection and Response

Streamline your response workflow by easily deploying a connected application to your Data Cloud with off-the-shelf integrations, up-to-date security content, and pre-built interfaces.



Consolidate Your Security Data In One Place

Eliminate the data silos perpetuated by legacy SIEM solutions, with their limited storage capability and high costs.  With Snowflake's Data Cloud, you can unify your logs and enterprise data in a single place and store virtually unlimited amounts of “hot” data cost-effectively for years.

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Run Advanced Analytics Like Never Before

Join business and contextual data sets, not normally sent to a SIEM, with your security data to achieve better fidelity and automation. Ditch proprietary SIEM languages and analyze data with SQL/Python* to build dynamic dashboards with security metrics and key risk indicators on Snowflake, or with your enterprise’s business intelligence tools.

One Data Platform, Many Cyber Use Cases

A wide network of connected applications provide out-of-the-box integrations, content, and visualizations to enable initiatives such as threat detection and response or risk and compliance. Easily obtain dynamically updated threat intelligence from Snowflake Marketplace to accelerate threat hunting and investigations.

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Elastic Compute Power and Instant Scalability

The Data Cloud's separation of compute and storage allows investigations to run at breakneck speed. By automatically scaling compute resources up and down, you only pay for what you use. Start focusing on mission-critical activities without worrying about concurrency, resource contention, compute power, scalability, or cost.

Leading apps are

Powered by Snowflake




Your CISO’s exposure management platform is Powered by Snowflake

With Tenable One and Snowflake, customers can easily centralize all vulnerability and threat data in one place to unlock a holistic view of their entire attack surface and glean actionable insights.

Devs’ favorite cybersecurity platform is Powered by Snowflake

Snyk is the developer-loved, security-trusted platform that helps secure code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code. By building on Snowflake, Snyk was able to consolidate apps on their platform to a single data model, enabling their customers to have a holistic view of their security posture.

Power by snowflake - snyk

Your CISO’s cloud security app is Powered by Snowflake

By building on Snowflake, Lacework is able to take tens of billions of security data points and — through intelligent automation and a patented analytics engine — surface the handful of security events that matter most in a given day.

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Bring leading security content and capabilities to your cybersecurity strategy with Powered by Snowflake and Marketplace partners.


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