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Set of libraries and runtimes that securely deploy and process Python and other programming languages in Snowflake to develop data pipelines, machine learning models, apps, and more.

Language of Choice on a Single Platform

Single platform with native support for any programming language, including Python.

Scalability without Operational Complexity

Elastic scalability without maintenance or overhead.

No Governance and Security Tradeoffs

Consistent, enterprise-grade governance controls & security.

Snowpark API

Write queries and transform data using familiar DataFrames.

Snowpark ML API

Python library and underlying infrastructure for model development with the Snowpark ML Modeling API and management with the Snowpark Model Registry (public preview).

Python, Java, Scala

Write and execute custom Python, Java and Scala code using user-defined functions and stored procedures. Leverage built-in packages from the Anaconda repo.  

Snowpark Container Services

Register, deploy and run container images (public preview) in Snowflake-managed infrastructure.

Snowpark Diagram showcasing client-side libraries and elastic compute runtimes

Snowpark for Data Engineering

Use Python to transform raw data into modeled formats for data pipelines 

Snowpark Price Performance: Customer Results

Customers see a median of 3.5x faster performance and 34% cost savings with Snowpark over managed Spark.

Scalable Data Pipelines

Transformations on data connected to your data lake, warehouse, or Iceberg tables in Snowflake.

Snowpark for AI/ML

Build and operationalize end to end ML workflows using Snowpark ML

Snowpark ML

Use Python frameworks, such as Scikit-learn and XGBoost, for preprocessing, feature engineering, and training models that can be deployed and managed in Snowflake without data movement.

Snowpark Container Services

Build ML models and Gen AI LLMs in any programming language, package as a container image and deploy in configurable CPUs & GPUs for ultimate developer flexibility. 

Over 35% of Snowflake customers use Snowpark on a weekly basis, including:

“Being able to run data science tasks, such as feature engineering, directly where the data sits is massive. It’s made our work a lot more efficient and a lot more enjoyable.”

Data Science Lead

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