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Data as a Service

Data as a service (DaaS) leverages the cloud to make accessible valuable or business-critical data in a secure manner to internal stakeholdersand/or interested third parties. The goal of any DaaS platform is to be able to provide on-demand data access to business units, departments, or customers regardless of geography. 

Data as a Service may contain any data type (images, audio, graphics, text; structured or semi-structured data sets). It eliminates infrastructure redundancy by maintaining data in a single location. DaaS is well suited for businesses with multiple internal business units, geographically disperse locations as well as enterprises that share data with customers/clients or are pursuing data monetization strategies.

Data-as-a-service benefits include: worldwide, on-demand accessibility, ability to easily move data, and low or zero platform maintenance. The DaaS market is continuing to grow as data management becomes increasingly cloud based and companies explore strategies for sharing (or renting) data as a revenue stream.

Snowflake and Data as a Service

Snowflake provides data warehousing, data lake, data sharing, and data exchange capabilities with full elasticity and scalability, creating the first complete, modern Data Cloud with data as a service offerings. With near-zero maintenance and the ability to handle almost any volume or concurrency challenges, Snowflake allows customers to store, transform, and analyze both structured and semi-structured data for business insights, share mission-critical data with global stakeholders, business units, or partners, and access or share valuable third-party data as a consumer or provider.

For data consumers, Snowflake allows you to access and query data sets and data services in-platform to drive business strategy and insight. Data providers can publish data sets or share data analytics services to Snowflake customers to turn data into an asset or revenue stream.

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