Introducing Polaris Catalog

An open source catalog for Apache Iceberg




Interconnect your business’ ecosystems across regions and clouds with a cross-cloud technology layer that lets you operate at global scale

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Interconnect your business’ ecosystems

across regions and clouds



Instantly discover, access, and share data, services, and apps across clouds and regions, without ETL.


Data Governance

Flexible policies, tags, and lineage follow the data for consistent enforcement across users, workloads, clouds, and regions


Business Continuity

Unmatched resiliency to eliminate disruptions, comply with changing regulations, or migrate between clouds

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Collaborate more efficiently

with your global business ecosystem

  • Deliver direct access to live, ready-to-query data and applications across clouds and regions with on-demand fulfillment and no ETL

  • Collaborate on the same data regardless of the cloud and region each team member is using through a single, consistent user experience

Gain visibility and control over

your global data estate to comply with regulations

  • Policies, tags, lineage, and dependencies follow the data—not the cloud

  • Policies are consistently enforced everywhere from a single place, simplifying governance at scale, minimizing risk, and unlocking more value from sensitive or regulated data

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Easily safeguard mission critical

accounts and datasets to maintain uptime

  • Turnkey business continuity capability that prevents cloud vendor lock-in
  • Replicate and synchronize databases, accounts, pipelines and more from one place for resiliency, durability, and failover by choice or in a stressed event 
  • Keep up with changing regulations using regional locality controls 
  • Lift and shift operations between clouds as needed based on changes in business strategy


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