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Big Data as a Service

The democratization of Big Data has created a demand for scalable, flexible and affordable data management platforms to meet modern compute requirements.

Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) integrates many of the functionalities and benefits of SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and DaaS, and leverages additional resources in the market for analyzing Big Data.


Big Data as a Service encompasses the software, data warehousing, infrastructure and platform service models in order to deliver advanced analysis of large data sets, generally through a cloud-based network.

It is a solution-based system designed to provide organizations with the wide-ranging capabilities to gain insights from data.


BDaaS service providers differ in scope, architecture, security standards and elasticity, for starters.

For Big Data to be best leveraged, data sharing needs to be at the global level, real time, and most of all, secure.

Big Data on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google BigQuery data services all provide the cloud infrastructure for leveraging Big Data. Sitting on top of the data services layer is cloud data lake, data warehousing, and data sharing to provide the analytics and sharing bridges to end user analytics.

Data ingestion and replication can present challenges when companies want immediate access to data. Data loading, storage and analytics can be achieved through Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS) with Data Lake as a Service. Snowflake's data platform delivers cloud-built data warehousing, data lake, and data sharing that natively ingests structured and semi-structured data seamlessly.

It also affords customers customized elasticity. Compute resources can be adjusted to fit the need of any project or user.


To keep pace with the growth of global data and increased need for data access, Snowflake has developed the Snowflake Marketplace to further empower customers.

The Snowflake Marketplace enables Snowflake customers to connect with data from providers to efficiently derive business insights.

Snowflake centralizes data storage and alleviates the need for companies to house specific data themselves. Snowflake's unique architecture provides a nearly limitless relational data warehouse to store all data so customers can make data-driven decisions.

Data providers can instantly publish live, governed, read-only data sets to members of the exchange. Within the global community of Big Data, providers can discover new customers and revenue sources.

Consumers, in turn, can access and query current data and never have to worry about storing it.


Data as a business asset is revolutionizing the global economy. The ability to tap into an omnipresent data resource securely while building a data community will drive revenue streams for many players.

Corporations and individuals will virtually meet in this cloud-based marketplace to solve business problems through data.

The data economy is built on Big Data, and Snowflake is delivering it in real time.

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