To be one of the most connected companies in the world, AT&T chose the Snowflake Data Cloud for their digital transformation and data democratization. With Snowflake, AT&T has a single source of truth of their data across the organization and through Snowflake data collaboration, AT&T's business partners can seamlessly access AT&T's data to improve their customer experience.

Story Highlights
  • Proactive troubleshooting for a better customer experience: Democratized access to data helps AT&T find and fix issues—before they impact customers.

  • Greater collaboration, fewer silos: Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing eliminates internal silos and allows AT&T’s business partners to maintain control of their data while sharing—without having to move or copy data.

  • Scalable insights on a single platform: Snowflake’s cloud-first, elastic engine helps centralize AT&T’s hundreds of petabytes of daily data for better visibility and faster decision-making.  

Video Transcript

At a macro level, the goal at AT&T is to be the best connectivity company on the planet. At a micro level, our role within the Chief Data Office is to be AT&T’s North Star for data, analytics, and AI. Snowflake fits right into that category.    

Hi, I'm Andy Markus, the Chief Data Officer at AT&T. And this is my team.

You know, prior to using Snowflake, we had a very complex data environment on-premise. That led to a more ineffective operating environment for our business partners, both from a speed and cost perspective. We run the wireless network on the wireline broadband network, too, right. And that's hundreds of petabytes of data going across the network every single day.  

The Snowflake Data Cloud provides a cloud-first, cloud-native super elastic data management functionality that has enabled us to truly federate our data and to keep that single source of truth so that we're all on the same page.

Data democratization for AT&T is really important because we have so much data. The ability to get at that data, integrate it to create insights is the power that we're looking for Snowflake Data Cloud to bring to us. Because what we can establish on Snowflake is that enterprise data that needs to be shared across the corporation. We needed the ability to unlock internal data silos using Snowflake Data Sharing.

Key for us—they allow our business partners to both have control of their data while making it accessible to others without having to move it around and duplicate it and have all the latency issues and duplication issues that come with that. We can run jobs to understand things that are out of service, things that are starting to degrade so we can fix them before a customer has to call.  

From evaluating how our network is performing, from how we grow revenue, how we become more cost effective and most importantly, how we improve the customer experience, AT&T has data at our fingertips.

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