Entity 360

Centralize organizational and stakeholder data for better data-driven decision making

Single Source of Truth with Insights and Governance

Reduce complexity, eliminate data silos, and improve data governance by storing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data (public preview) in a single platform.

Improve the Citizen Experience

Save time and reduce redundancy with an easy update of citizen information across the related systems.

Performance to Optimize Program Efficacy Across the Organization

Support your data analytics needs including compute intensive AI/ML models, identity resolution, and near real-time reporting. Enable access and availability of public services to citizens.

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Snowflake is the data backbone for One Auburn. Many high-visibility organizations, such as the Alumni, Athletic and Student Applicant departments, are now coming to us to migrate and consolidate their data in Snowflake to unlock new business value.

Misty Carroll
Associate Director of Information Technology, Auburn University

5 Ways State and Local Governments Deliver Superior Services and Insights with Snowflake

Creating a 360-degree view of citizens helps organizations better understand and serve their needs while building a single source of truth.


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Snowflake Solutions

Confront data challenges and improve program integrity in healthcare and human services.

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Snowflake Marketplace

A collection of demographic, economic, government spending, and environmental time series data along with commonly used reference data about geographies and holidays.

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Snowflake Partner Use Cases

Snowflake And Deloitte Help Create A First-Class Healthcare Experience For Californians.

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